Fun with an 80 year old camera

sdim8123I recently inherited a camera, a 1936 Roland Kleinbild made by Plasmat in Germany.  It uses  medium format 120 film in a 645 ratio with a 70mm f2.7 lens.  The shutter appeared to be working so I was eager to put in a roll and see what this 80 year old camera could do.

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Rainbows on Eyelashes 睫毛の虹


I bought a book of Japanese poems, Rainbows on Eyelashes (睫毛の虹), by Misuzu Kaneko. The book has the poems in Japanese characters along with English translations and beautiful watercolor illustrations by Midori Yoshida.  It is children’s poetry, really, but at my level of Japanese it’s something easy enough to remember and still learn from.

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Last week I went to Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition. I have seen his movies many times and own most of them. What can one say about his movies–  they have style.  And impact.  It was really thrilling for me to see actual props and artifacts from his films (although there were some replicas.) Fortunately they allowed photography (no flash) at the exhibition and I did not forget my cameras.

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3D Microscope


I got a binocular microscope.  It’s like VR, but real reality, and bigger,
like if you could shrink yourself down or embiggen the world.

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Two weeks ago I did some actual science.  I went to Giant Sequoia National Monument with an astronomy class, taught by Richard Nolthenius of Cabrillo College in Aptos, California.  I used my telescope, a shortwave radio, and a voice recorder.

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There may be a large number of parallel universes. So maybe you’ve entered mine.

Why this site?  I started it because I’m making an app, and in order to submit it, I’m required to have a support site for it.

But I also may find it a convenient place to put other persistent things.

So there.

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